"Tier 2" Membership includes:

Bloodborne Pathogens (Healthcare OR Dental) & HIPAA courses


  • Why should I purchase a "Tier 3" membership?

    In order to be compliant with OSHA & HIPAA’s training requirements and avoid hefty penalties, employees must be trained annually, and new hires must be trained prior to beginning their job duties. Our membership subscription affords not only the ability to fulfil the training requirement, but it also relieves the stress of keeping track of training dates for employees’ by providing full access to our online training platform for 50 employees

  • What will employees have access to?

    Employees will have access to the OSHA & HIPAA training modules anywhere, anytime, stop and start where they left off. Work at their own pace • Take a quiz after each chapter • Receive a weekly reminder if training is not completed • Download their certificate(s)

  • We have "new hires" when do they need to be trained?

    OSHA and HIPAA requires new hires to have "initial" training prior to the commencement of duties, and with the hiring process proving to be challenging and difficult over the past year (high turnover rate), the retention rate has been tough. By Integrating our OSHA & HIPAA online training course as a part of your onboarding process for new employees, signing up for our membership subscription would give you full access to our courses for up to 75 employees, thereby fulfilling the “initial” training requirement for new hires.

  • What is the process to control access to online courses?

    A manager/designee would be assigned the role to log-in: • View the employees name and email address • View the employees progress in the courses • Export progress reports for your records and • Receive access to trainings via a share link. The manager or a designee will have control over who has access to the links

  • Does the administrator/designee have to be "assigned" a role?

    No, if you choose not to be assigned the role, Biomed can control who has access to the links.

  • What is the process if Biomed is assigned as the administrator? ?

    Once the membership is purchased, we will ask that you email the names, email addresses & job titles of employees and new hires (on an excel template) and we will: enroll your employees in the course; email a link to each employee; keep track of how many link has been assigned; provide a weekly, monthly or quarterly employee progress report.