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  • How quickly will I receive a link for the online training?

    Once a course if purchased, you will receive a link for the training to your email address, within an hour or less if 1-3 links are purchased and within 1-4 hours for 6 or more links.

  • What is the process for bulk purchasing?

    At checkout you will be asked to either email (on an excel template) or enter the names, email addresses and job titles of all employees or new hires who are required to complete the course(s). Employees will be enrolled in the course(s), and an email with the link will be sent to each employee and they can begin at anytime.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes. At the end of each online course you will be prompted to download and print your certificate to document fulfilment of the training requirement. Certificates are awarded at the completion of In person or Live web trainings.

  • Will I be able to pick-up where I left off or do I have to start the online course from the beginning?

    You will be able to continue where you left off; stop and start at anytime. However, you are required to complete each chapter before moving on to the next chapter

  • Is there a quiz for the online courses?

    Yes. There is a quiz after each chapter. We want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the course content

  • I have 5 employees, how many online links should I purchase?

    Five online links/bundles should be purchased. One link/bundle must be purchased for EACH employee who will then be able to: Receive their unique login and have full access to the course(s); Work at their own learning pace; Save where they left off and resume the course until it is completed; Complete each chapter and quiz in sequence prior to moving on to the next chapter; Retake the quiz and review previous lessons; Receive a weekly reminder if the course has not been completed within the specified time and Download outline(s) and handout(s) and print their certificate(s)

  • What is the process to schedule an online training?

    Select the type of training you would like to purchase; Select the number of employees attending the training; Click on the Schedule training option; complete the check out page and choose a date and time that is convenient for your facility (we will send an email to confirm)

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

  • Applies to any employee who has the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace

  • Applies to healthcare industry workers as well as veterinarians, lab, conventional & cosmetic tattoo, funeral home, nursing home, emergency personnel, biomedical waste transporters and treatment facilities workers

  • Fulfills OSHA's initial or annual refresher training requirement

  • Certificate awarded to document the completion of training

Biomedical Waste Management Training

  • Applies to generators and transporters of biomedical waste as well as storage and treatment facilities

  • " Initial" training must be provided for new personnel prior to the commencement of duties related to biomedical waste handling

  • "Refresher" training to be conducted annually for all personnel who handle biomedical waste

  • Fulfills Florida Department of Health, Chapter 64E-26 FAC initial and refresher training requirement

  • Certificate awarded to document successful completion of the training

HIPAA Training

  • Applies to any individual who handles personal health information(PHI) or electronic protected health information(ePHI)

  • Applies to any entity who handle protected health information in any form including health care facilities such as physicians offices, dental offices, pharmacies, home health agencies, hospitals etc.

  • Fulfills HIPAA's initial and annual refresher training requirement

  • Certificate awarded to document the completion of training

Who is required to take DOT HazMat training?

  • Healthcare Workers

    Anyone who signs the waste receipt - including healthcare workers or Environmental staff

  • Medical Waste Transportation Drivers

    Anyone who loads, unloads or handles hazardous materials - including biomedical waste drivers and Environmental staff

  • Treatment Facility staff

    Anyone who accepts or treats hazardous waste - including autoclave treatment facility staff


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Bloodborne Pathogens Training- Healthcare Workers

Tracy Caraway

Concise and complete. Easily understood

Concise and complete. Easily understood

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5 star rating

Excellent concise information throughout

Jay Rubin. MD

Instructions are very practical and easy to learn and implement.

Instructions are very practical and easy to learn and implement.

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