It also includes two (2) binders


OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and HIPAA privacy Security & Breach Notification binders

Gold Training bundle

also includes:

  • Bonus material

    Walk-through to identify potential violations pertaining to OSHA, FDOH and HIPAA regulations

  • Bonus material

    Access to OSHA and HIPAA online training courses for "New Employee Onboarding" (15 free links - $675 value)

  • Bonus material

    Sign-in sheets, outlines, recommendation report from walk-through, safety medical device documentation and certificates of completion


  • Why should I purchase the "Gold Compliance Bundle"?

    In order to be compliant with OSHA & HIPAA’s training requirements and avoid hefty penalties, employees must be trained annually, and new hires must be trained prior to beginning their job duties. OSHA regulations require employers with employees with the potential for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens to maintain and have a comprehensive, detailed, and site-specific Exposure Control Plan and HIPAA requires that a covered entity have policies and procedures in place to protect patient information. Our "Platinum Compliance bundle" affords the ability to fulfil both the training requirement as well as the policies and procedures for OSHA & HIPAA

  • We have "new hires" when do they need to be trained?

    OSHA requires new hires to have "initial" training prior to the commencement of duties, and with the hiring process proving to be challenging and difficult over the past year (high turnover rate), the retention rate has been tough. By Integrating our OSHA & HIPAA online training course as a part of your onboarding process for new employees, signing up for our "Gold Compliance bundle" would give you full access to our online courses thereby fulfilling the “initial” training requirement for new hires

  • What is the process for developing the HIPAA manual?

    Our HIPAA manual is personalized for each facility and may take up to 3 weeks to complete. It requires multiple visits to the facility to conduct a risk assessment with the practice manager or the designated HIPAA officer to identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities. We will assess and identify security measures, make observations, gather information, take notes and complete a questionnaire. Upon completion of the manual, we provide a Risk Analysis report so you can work towards implementation and correction of identified risks and vulnerabilities, then finally we will review the roles and responsibilities with your HIPAA officer by highlighting key areas of the manuals

  • What is the process for developing the OSHA manual?

    First you complete and return our questionnaire or schedule an appointment to receive assistance to complete the questionnaire. (Time depends on the size of the facility) Then we develop your site-specific manual - this may take approximately 1-7 days after receiving completed questionnaires. Finally, the manual is delivered and key areas of manual is highlighted and discussed with the administrator or designated personnel

  • What is the process to gain access to the online course links?

    Once you have purchased one of our training bundles, you will receive an email requesting the employee names, email addresses and job titles for those employees who are required to have the OSHA & HIPAA training. (Up to 15 employees links are included with this bundle) Once we receive this information, then each employee is enrolled in our online course(s) and will receive an email with a link to begin the course(s) at anytime, learning at their own pace and able to stop and resume at anytime

  • How do we schedule the in person or live virtual training?

    Once you have purchased one of our training bundles we will send an email requesting the type of training you prefer (in person or live virtual) what date and time is convenient to schedule the training and how many employees will attend the training. We will then send a confirmation email with the scheduled date and time

  • How long are the online training courses?

    Our OSHA online course is approximately 40 minutes and our HIPPA training course is approximately 50 minutes

  • How long is the in person or virtual training?

    Our in-person OSHA & HIPAA training courses is approximately 2 hours

  • Will we get a certificate?

    Every employee who is enrolled in an online course and each facility who has scheduled an in-person or live virtual training will receive a certificate demonstrating successful completion of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & HIPAA Privacy, Security & Beach Notification training